This First Thursday : Earth Month begins with a book signing at Hello Bluebird

This First Thursday, we will feature a local husband and wife team for a book signing, 5-8 pm.  David stumbled into the shop a few weeks ago, a bit discouraged from a long day of “sorry, you need an appointment” responses to his attempts to get his book into other local venues.  While we don’t normally operate without appointments either, it was a quiet afternoon, and there really wasn’t any good reason not to let him share his story.  I am always interested and impressed by local “regular” people who are working hard to make their dreams come true, and who are following a path that is slightly off the beaten one.  In this case, the path is lined with flowers, and the tour guide is a poet.

I hope that, if you are local, you can find a few minutes out of your Easter preparations to swing by the shop Thursday evening to meet the authors and pick up a signed copy of their first book.  It would make a thoughtful gift for a loved one who needs a little quiet reflection, a bit of comfort, or for any garden lover this Easter or Mothers’ Day.

Cover art Voices from the Gardenscape

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Combining their photographic, design and writing talents, husband and wife team David Heilman and Sharon Cain have collaborated to create a captivating floral presentation. Stunning photography, paired with delightful prose written from the floral’s point-of-view, provides a refreshing approach to our gardenscapes. A charming addition to any library collection, for newbie or seasoned gardeners, and all nature lovers alike.

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Born, raised and continuing to reside in the northeastern United States has given David Heilman a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the region. With camera in hand, he has traveled extensively throughout the country, always curious to see what is around the next bend.


Primarily self-taught, David has studied the works of some of the great American outdoor photographers. With these talented artists as his benchmark, David holds a high standard for his own work.


Throughout his 25 year journey to perfecting his craft, David’s affinity with nature shines through in his photography. He looks and sees with a true artist’s eye.


“I think that people will too often look and not really see. And if I can see for them, to show them what fascinates me about a single leaf floating in a creek, or the morning light highlighting a stand of trees or the seemingly random pattern in a pile of rocks…then I have shared that single experience, that split second in time with them. And if I can give them the opportunity to enjoy that one moment, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

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Born in the Midwest, and living in various regions of the United States throughout her life, has given Sharon Cain the opportunity to explore the country from a highly personal perspective. Her natural curiosity and insatiable appetite for knowledge defines her creative approach.


As an art director and designer by profession for over twenty years, Sharon has developed a clean and classic style to her design. An avid storyteller, her writing skills are the perfect complement to her visually creative talents.


“I believe good design is good design, no matter what the medium. Be it in the form of graphic design, interior, industrial or fashion design. The same theory holds true for a good story, as it does not matter the genre. As a designer, my role is to help my clients achieve their goals by visually telling their story. As a storyteller, my role is to gift my reader with a new, and hopefully, positive experience. If I can help someone be successful, or share a story that brings a smile to someone’s face, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

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Married for over twenty years, David and Sharon share their lives with their two canine companions, in a home surrounded by a northeastern hardwood forest. Both still curious, both still looking to see what may be around the next bend. Both still enjoying all the natural beauty our world has to offer.

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